All photos: Kelly Rossiter It’s very hot and unbelievably humid here in Toronto, so of course, I’m making strawberry balsamic jam. As hot as that makes me feel, I know that come March when there is a foot of snow on the ground and I’m desperate for a taste of summer, I can open a jar of this delectable jam and have a little moment of bliss with my morning toast. I’m also going to be very happy tomorrow to eat some panna cotta drizzled with the leftover jam juice that I’m planning. The recipes I’m sharing today are small batch preserving, so you don’t have to spend the whole day chopping and cooking. I’ve made so many preserves over the past few years that I can actually write this as my jam is cooking on the stove. I’ve pickled asparagus as a side project the day before a big dinner party. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out affair. You don’t need much, a big pot, a metal grill in the bottom of the pot to keep the jars from being directly on the heat source (you can use a tea towel in a pinch) some tongs to remove the jars from the boiling water, and the jars and lids. Some of these recipes are for a bit later in the summer, but now is the time to make plans! 1. Rhubarb Mint Chutney This rhubarb mint chutney is a recipe to make right now, with rhubarb in farmers’ markets and grocery stores alike. Cheap Nike shoes I often find that mint is overpowering, but it really works in this recipe. new balance 577 femme I also loved this rhubarb mustard which mellowed into a gorgeous mustard over a few months. 2. Pear Ginger Jam Everyone in my family loves ginger, so this pear ginger jam was a real winner with us. When we have weekend company at the cottage and I open a few jars of jam, everyone always comments on this one, because it a bit unusual, and totally delicious. Adidas Baratas 3. nike air max 1 pas cher Pickles Last summer I bought a bushel of pickling cucumbers and made 42 jars of pickles, which my MNN editor deemed “excessive”. I don’t know, almost all of them are gone now. It was a beautiful day, and I sat on the dock and washed the cucumbers in lake water while I watched the birds around me, and it was pretty idyllic. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames I made bread and butter pickles which my mother loves, and dill pickles, which I love. 4. Crab Apple Jelly I have purchased crab apples, but for the past few years I’ve made crab apple jelly out of the fruit from my own tree. Not interested in dessert, he wanted the pickled vegetables. A boy after my own heart. 6. Marinated Artichokes I tried to give my son a jar of my marinated artichokes and he didn’t want to take them because he said marinated artichokes are always mushy. Not mine! Even he had to admit it. These are gorgeous to eat on their own, or cooked with some chicken in a lemon sauce. 7. Tomato Jam I have to admit that I do rattle on a bit click this site about this tomato jam, but it’s such a fantastic recipe, I can’t help it. You don’t have to wait until the late summer or early fall to try this. Try using some cherry tomatoes that ripen a bit earlier.