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Eggs are incredibly versatile. You can decorate them, decorate with them, hunt them out, and that’s all before you start to cook with them. Poach them, fry them, hard boil them, scramble them and you will have a delicious meal, and that’s just getting started. I think eggs often get a bad rap, with people worrying about cholesterol, but I may be wrong. Maybe I should get Jenni to weigh in on this with her professional opinion!

I made this for my husband, but fried eggs are the one way I cannot bear to eat eggs. These wild leeks and eggs look beautiful, but I scrambled mine rather than eating it fried. Silly, I know. Wait. do I sound like a kid?Unlike the last photo, this okonomiyaki isn’t very attractive at all, but the kids will love it. It’s basically an omelette with some vegetables in it, slathered in barbeque sauce and a dollop of mayonnaise in the middle. It’s really delicious, in a bit of a gross way.


4. IndianStyle Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled is my favourite way to eat eggs, but sometimes it gets boring, so livening them up with some Indian style spices is a wonderful alternative. It’s not pretty, but it tastes great.

5. Spinach Gruyere Strata

This spinich gruyere strata is a perfect Sunday brunch. You make it the night before, and then slip it into the oven about an hour before you want to eat. It’s a great family dish, but you could serve it if you were having company as well.

6. Miso Soup with a Poached Egg

When I wrote for Planet Green, I did a weekly post on soup, and we ate an awful lot of soup. This miso soup with a poached egg was one of my husband’s favourites. It’s light, but filling and very healthy.

7. Wild Leek and Morel Quiche

There are as many variables for quiche as there are ingredients in the world. I chose to share with wild leek and morel quiche with you because it’s right in season. You can always use regular leeks, and any kind of mushroom you like.