There is also a sense of timingabout this team. It feels like destiny. The Storm were comprehensively beaten by the Broncos last Friday night at home. He said, thought that was the rule, unless they changed it again, I not too sure. To me it was an advantage. Somebody has clearly got it wrong us, them or whatever.

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The child, who was shot in the backside, was taken to John Randolph Medical Center by a police officer who arrived on scene. The child has since been taken to VCU Medical Center for treatment. The young boy remains in critical but stable condition at VCU Medical Center, after a.25 caliber bullet went through his bottom and into his abdomen..

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Also a top heavy population (too many old retiring people and not enough young working people) is another symptom not mentioned. That underlying problem would be a whole other comment. As for the solution to the poor management problem, there is a dire need for the elected to be people with majors in Business Management and Economics.