Sigma LumiMed X900 Clinical LLLT System

Over the last 5-6 years there has been a number of new LLLT, or Low Level Laser Therapy products released into the marketplace. Mostly, these products have proved to be a great success. Notably there are the LLLT devices used for inch loss, such as the Strawberry, the Ilipo and the Lumislim range. Each of these products proved to be very effective in their own right. The original Strawberry was manufactured by Omega Lasers and is probably one of the better systems due to it’s pedigree.

However, inch loss as an application is a minute aspect of what LLLT devices can actually do. Late in 2012 saw the launch of the LumiMed X620 from Clinical Lasers. A very powerful and versatile machine with visit more information a massive 20 laser diodes per paddle and a total of 8 paddles. Compare this to the usual 8 or 10 diodes per paddle and you begin to see how these systems are evolving. Clinical lasers only sold the LumiMed X620 after launch as demand for their other units in their extensive rage completely collapsed.

The LumiMed range expands in 2013 with the introduction of the new and exciting LumiMed X900 and 900S.

The Sigma Lumimed X900 is a multi platform system that offers more in terms power output, flexibility and treatments than any other Clinical LLLT system available. Leveraging on extensive knowledge assets and a significant technology advantage, this touch screen, easy to use system is designed by Clinicians, for Clinicians.

Treatments are accessed via the unique and simple OneTouch interface, meaning instant go and fast application of treatment.

Treatments include but are not limited to :-

Back Pain
Carpel Tunnel
Golf & Tennis elbow
Bicep Tendon inflammation
Rotator Cuff
Shin splints
Plantar Fasciatis
Knee & Ankle (Osteo & rheumatoid)


Fine scar
Stretch marks
DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness – post training soreness)
Wound car and healing

This is the first time such a versatile and complete system has ever been available. The LumiMed X900 is a complete LLLT treatment platform that is set to transform the way that LLLT treatments are delivered. The simple One share this site Touch treatment system saves time as all protocols are pre-programmed in. If a protocol needs adjustment, the user can easily change the settings to suit the patient need.

The LumiMed compares favourably against the Thor system, which is analogue and treatments are selected via moving switches to the desired location. The most up to date comparative read here machine, the Omega Laser Clinic XP is a proven system that is until now, top of the game in terms of technology. The difference with the Lumimed is it’s digital interface, extremely robust design and the fact that new planned peripherals can be added, as can new one touch treatment protocols to match those peripherals.

Overall, the Lumimed offers exciting possibilities for Clinicians who want to use LLLT and light therapy, but need a system that is simple to use, is plug & play, and they can share this information just get on with it. Soon to be added to the range is the LumiMed X900S which combines all of the advantages of the LumiMed X620 and X900 to offer a multi purpose platform that includes inch loss paddles.

Following shortly will be the LumiMed X900VE, specifically designed for the demands of Vets and the Equine industry.

Finally, the LumiMed range is available from Clinical Lasers, URL below, on thier newly launched EasyRent Anywhere programme, that allows businesses in any coutrny to rent and buy the system without credit checks, forms, or fees. Anyone can apply in any country and they are guaranteed to be accepted.